Rene Arentz

Rene Arentz

(B.Eng.) Computer Engineer

Landesbetrieb Information und Technik Nordrhein-Westfalen (IT.NRW)

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Work experience

01/2019 - present

Landesbetrieb Information und Technik Nordrhein-Westfalen (IT.NRW)
Hagen, Germany

Development and support of migrated mainframe processes with historical background. Independent analysis of customer requirements, selection and presentation of suitable solutions and subsequent development and implementation of the requirements with the project team.

08/2015 - 12/2018

SCISYS Deutschland GmbH
Dortmund, Germany

Installation and setup of hardware and software of the dira! product line for BBC Radio. Support during commissioning as well as during the conversion of productive dira! systems via remote maintenance with telephone support or possibly on-site support. Project support in the UK sales area of long-term projects and regular maintenance of the system documentation.

03/2013 - 08/2015

SCISYS Deutschland GmbH
Bochum, Germany

Assistant in the area of computer and development center, administration of virtual development and testing machines (VMWare ESXi).

09/2012 - 08/2014

Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, University of Applied Sciences
Hagen, Germany

Tutor for mathematics of the 1st and 2nd semester. Assistance in the correction of dutiable exercises and guidance in preparatory courses for exams.


BFI Betriebstechnik GmbH
Düsseldorf, Germany

Analog and digital electronics, mounting of a small series, measurement technique, technical and low-level software.

01/2010 – 07/2011

GOB Software & Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
Krefeld, Germany

Responsible for software development of DMS and archive systems, including ERP Software (Enterprise Resource Planning) and development of SharePoint applications, in close co-operations with a wide range of national customers and software partners (Microsoft, d.velop).


forestPHP Framework 0.2.0 (beta)


Release of the first Beta of forestPHP Framework (0.2.0).
Summary of features:

  1. Root Menu - Grouping of all administrative functions in a root menu in the navigation bar
  2. Sub Constraints + Sub Records - Realization of sub records to a record with configuration settings
  3. Implementation of forestCombination - to calculate computed fields whose values are not stored in the database when queried
  4. Implementation of forestLookup - Construction of fixed data lists as a selection box
  5. Realization of a Dropzone and Richtext element in forms
  6. jQuery Validate - Implementation of jQuery Validate in forestPHP forms

Used technologies: HTML 5, PHP, MariaDB/MySQL

forestPHP Framework 0.1.0 (alpha)


After 12 years of planning, conception and development as a hobby project in leisure time. First release of the forestPHP Framework 0.1.0 (alpha). Provision of foundation files + support MariaDB / MySQL.

Used technologies: HTML 5, PHP, MariaDB/MySQL

forestPHP Framework

since 2007

Long-term private project for the development of a web framework with the project name forestPHP, whereby the work on the project is paused repeatedly from time to time. Arranging the internal structure using the MVC model with login authentication, user and rights management. Development of several groupware components: board, forums, blogs, wikis, messages, galleries. Supports multiple database systems with self-developed Hibernate PHP component. Open points are still the integration of the CSS framework Bootstrap to improve the surface design elements and responsive web design, as well as further integration of new HTML 5 technologies and elements.

Used technologies: HTML 5, PHP

Automated File Transfer


Software development of an automatic incremental file transfer program. The file transfer can be copied directly from the source to the destination via Windows NTFS commands, or with an intermediate step via an FTP server. All folder contents are stored in an index file (relative path, file name, hash content, modification date) in order to transfer only those changes within the selected directory that are not yet available on the destination site. The transmission is unidirectional with optional AES encryption of all file contents during the complete transport. Additional features such as email notification, backup functionality and history of changes are available. The configuration of all settings is saved in an xml file. For ergonomics, there is a WPF application for modifying the settings in the xml file.

Used technologies: C#, Visual Studio, FTP, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

ITIL CMDB - System Requirements Specification


Creation of a specification and a detailed description of the requirements of a Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The predefined processes, functions and roles of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) serve as a guide focusing on service asset and configuration management, release management and deployment. It is recorded which data in which form should be stored and managed and how software and software changes should be distributed.

Used technologies: ITIL v3, SRS IEEE 830

Windows Registry Tool


Development of a WPF application to support the rapid modification of the Windows registry. Easy to use with the possible limitation of specific windows registry areas in a tree-view element. In addition, network access is made available to the Windows registry by optionally specifying hostname or IP address, username and password. Support for changing the value of simple types like Boolean with fixed keyboard shortcuts etc.

Used technologies: C#, WPF, Visual Studio

C++ ANN Library


Creation of a C ++ library for Linux and Windows for the application of a three-layer ANN (Artifical Neural Network). The field of application is the creation and training of artificial neural networks for pattern recognition. For use, a graphical interface with Qt is also created for Linux and Windows. For the training of the neural network, various parameters are available. Furthermore, the training progress is displayed asynchronously in the graphical interface with a progress bar and a percentage indication by POSIX threads and pipe communication. All source files of library and GUI were created with the specification of the cross-compiling, so that redundancy of the files was avoided.

Used technologies: C, C++, Qt, cross compile, ANN, POSIX-Thread, C++ Pipes

Feasibility analysis - Liferay Portal


Part of a feasibility analysis to replace an old product generation for the further development as web applications in the web browser. Setting up of a requirement-traceability matrix, choice of a possible system architecture with discussion of alternative architectures and description of the necessary interfaces. Development of a minimal initial design with specifications of the primary use cases, with Liferay Portal in Java and a PostgreSQL database as backend, for testing of user workflows and analysis of technical feasibility.

Used technologies: Liferay Portal, Java, Liferay IDE (Eclipse), PostgreSQL

Bachelor-Thesis - Development of Distributed Embeddedb Systems with High Availability


As part of this bachelor thesis a distributed embedded system with high availability is developed and implemented. The basics about the topic high availability have been researched and illustrates how high availability of a system can be designed and planned. The system should be able to resolve independently the failure of a major component automatically and without any user interaction. For the realization two major concepts are pursued, the single-master system with a main component which execute all tasks, and the multi-master system where all tasks are to be distributed to all major components. The realization of both approaches is intended to represent the different system designs, developments and complexity which are necessary for a distributed embedded system with high availability.

Used technologies: C, C++, Eclipse, CAN-Bus, I2C-Bus, TI TMS570, SAFERTOS, Hercules Development Kit, Raspberry Pi B+

Software Parameter Database


Development of a web-based application for managing and storing parameter and configuration settings of software products and modules. The data is stored within a MSSQL database and the processing should be possible only via the web application. In addition, a WPF application is available as a viewer client, in which the stored data is only available readonly, without mandatory connection to the MSSQL database. For this purpose, the hibernate component of the forestPHP webframwork was ported to C #, so that the data can be stored locally in a SQLite database as a copy.

Used technologies: HTML 4.01, PHP, MSSQL, SQLite, C#, WPF, Visual Studio

CRLS - Card Recognizing and Logging System


Project work in the team to develop a system that can record and evaluate the overall game situation in poker, type Texas Hold'em, on the entire gaming table. At the game table, the cards of each individual player, as well as the community cards for all players must be automatically recognized. Through statistical and stochastic methods, the probabilities for possible winning combinations during the current game round are displayed appropriately.

Used technologies: OpenCV 2.4.8, .NET, C#, C++, Visual Studio

Hibernate for PHP


Extension of the database module for connecting several different database sources using an abstract class. In addition, a class for SQL queries was created to store all query information in object properties. Thus, depending on the database source, the SQL query can be generated with the specific syntax and prerequisites. Supported database sources include: MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB2 and Oracle DB.

Used technologies: HTML 4.01, PHP

Definitive Hardware Store (ITIL DHS)


Development of a web-based application to manage and store used hardware within the company for development and testing purposes. The application is based on the self-developed forestPHP web framework. Prerequisite was the connection to an MSSQL database. Therefore, the database module of forestPHP has been extended for the use with MSSQL.

Used technologies: HTML 4.01, PHP, MSSQL

SharePoint List-SubForm Component


Customer project for accessing project data within Microsoft Dynamics NAV via Microsoft SharePoint 2007. Development of a standalone SharePoint Form component for displaying projects and their metadata in a two-part List SubForm. Individual fields can be edited in SharePoint and changes are taken over to Dynamics NAV. This allows users of the customer to update project data via the Internet browser with SharePoint worldwide, without having installed Dynamics NAV.

Used technologies: ASP.NET, C#, SharePoint 2007/2010, Visual Studio, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, C/SIDE

IHK final project - unitop EDI Integrator


Extension of the untiop EDI Integrator for the parsing of EDI documents in UN / EDIFACT format and outsourcing of the entire functionality as a Windows service, including incoming and outgoing message queues. This has been done with Visual Studio and creation of a metadata mapping with Altova MapForce 2009. This eliminates the use of the BizTalk server, which was oversized for this single task and caused enormous license costs. The parsing process refers to the conversion from EDIFACT to XML, and vice versa in the other direction. The processing of XML data to SQL records and implementation in Microsoft Dynamics NAV are components of the old EDI Integrator. Furthermore, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV module for receiving / sending EDI documents has been adapted and optimized for the use of the new Windows service.

Used technologies: .NET, C#, MSSQL, XML, XSLT, Altova MapForce 2009, Visual Studio

SharePoint NAV Integrator


Module development for Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the integration of SharePoint web services within Dynamics NAV. Document attachments and metadata are stored in SharePoint and are ready for further use. With an individual number of Windows services, changes will be inherited from Dynamics NAV to SharePoint. The functionality of the versioning of SharePoint can thus be used successfully, which is not available within Dynamics NAV.

Used technologies: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, C/SIDE

SharePoint WS Controller


Software project for creating a .NET library to control the Microsoft SharePoint web services, to create web pages, document libraries, lists, document / list records and their processing. This allows other programs to use this library to access and edit content from SharePoint. Furthermore, a COM wrapper is implemented in the library so that older applications can use the library without direct .NET support.

Used technologies: .NET, C#, SharePoint 2007/2010, Visual Studio

DBG online exam plan


Development of an administrative surface for the exam plan of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Gymnasium and integration into the school homepage. Creation of table structure in a database, calendar functions, login authentication with HTML form, generation of monthly pages, exclusion rules for weekends and public holidays and editing of individual calendar days.

Used technologies: HTML 4.01, PHP, MySQL

Education and qualifications

09/2011 - 02/2016

(Grade 1.9)

Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, University of Applied Sciences
Hagen, Germany

08/2007 - 01/2010


Software Development
GOB Software & Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
Krefeld, Germany


ABITUR (Grade 2.5)

(General Qualification for University Entrance)
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Gymnasium
Hilden, Germany

Additional skills

PC skills

Microsoft Office, Libre Office
Linux, VMWare (ESXi)
.NET, Mono
Microsoft SharePoint
Liferay Portal
application development
embedded development
web development
network development

Computer languages


Relational database systems

Oracle DB
Microsoft Access

Foreign languages

German - native language
English - fluent
French - Working knowledge

Software IDE

Visual Studio
Qt Studio

Interests and activites

Chess - Chess-king, Resolution 1920x1080, CC BY-SA 3.0
Fitness - BSZ INDIGO NOORD Print 108, Resolution 1920x1080, CC BY-SA 4.0
Reading - Bookshelf Prunksaal Vienna AT, Resolution 1920x1080, CC BY-SA 3.0
Movies - IMAX Einzelbild, Resolution 1920x1080, CC BY-SA 4.0


Rene Arentz

Am Großen Feld 14, 58093 Hagen, Germany

+49 160 96614305